most tiring day, maybe?

hollo. today tiha's friends said that i am a superbly garang girl. c'mon, don't judge a person by her face. i was so tired you don't know and i'd try to cheer up with an all out effort. after attending a ceramah, adik asked me to send her to school bcs she got works to do. with my bravery i faced the road with L sambil bawak tiha. tiha turun and i met hazim and alan near th school canteen. they just got back from science innovation. for th first time lepak with alan, he's pretty cool when he talks with his own style. i thought he was pendiam but i was wrong bcs he's totally cakap banyak hahaha. then i went home. late in th evening parents and i went to the store bought some things and i asked them to teman me dinner at kfc, felt like eating th pocketful. fall short of that, they didn't do it bcs they've no cheese but poster ado -..- shit apa aku mengarut ni. bukti saya tengah dyingggg. throughout the evening, unknown number just text me macam bodoh

-lala called me asked about what's pop out in bm paper this monday. her voice is cute do :'D
-i miss him damn much gila babeennn :'(