guess wha wha what?

so this week is mid year exam week, today kitorang jawab sejarah. the questions were not so hard if i got prepared earlier and memorize all the sebab and faktor bagai :'( we finished at 1.00 and went to jamming room. "okok diam diam," "ok start! 1,2.. hazim! stop. ok 1,2.. aiman! stop la dulu. 1,2,3.. raja masuk laa! ok erul.." till my tekak is sooo sakit already. i had forgotten what teacher salmiah told me about this friday but we must get ready on that day. so, i was heading to my scooter with guitar and helmet on my hands and it was a hot day. omg,what should i do, macam mana nak bawak scooter with guitar. dah la bapak besar, eh wait there's a flower on my scooter :O *monolog* okay guess what?

"aten! nak tolong ke?"
"er boleh jugak. eh boleh ke?"
"boleh :)"
omgomgomg malunya :'>
akmal helped carried my guitar on his motor
straight to my house. sweeto *kenings