"it was a beautiful night, u know"

this evening parents, rin and i went to padang. eh padang tu best tau, every weekend ramai datang situ. ada yang hang out, jogging, aerobic and playing kites. area padang tu can fit 10 helicopters, gila besar :O i have been there before and played kite with adiks and cousins. tadi aku pergi. as a student who has to sit for an exam this tuesday kena bawa buku and calculator study kat sana. enter the padang duduk kat atas rumput, seriously i felt great sebab with the wind, little children tagging along with their parents, people chattering with each other, tengok orang jogging, playing kites, tengok boys playing football till the ball flew over me and they were like eh eh eh eh! haha and i was like wo wo wo wo, . yeah sounds like disturbing kan, actually it's not. eee bodoh sumpah gila babi best oo. i am pretty sure lu olang boleh cair if you were in my situation tadi, but more cair kalau your boyfriend brings you there play guitar and sing a song to you. eee just imagine ^v^ lepas balik aku cabut my tudung and pakaikan tudung kat rin, LOL and i dare him to turun kereta when we arrived and he did it and he ran like a cow wearing tudung. hahaha shit that was hilarious.

so long time no survey panic at the disco since th band tinggal dua orang je, kelmarin aku surveyed i was like oh mai gosh patd released their new album and the songs are fucking great. you should hear 'em especially Always and C'mon. eh rasa macam bangang pula promote patd haha laame. yeah i fell in love with the band since 2007 and i want to eat brendon urie hohoho <3

malam tadi kan, aku dapat rm5 maxis credit from alan zulkifli and petang tadi pula dapat rm1 celcom credit from chot. here's the thing, everyone needs me hihihi jokaaiinngg :> tapi kan serious aku cakap aku rasa macam feeling better after text chot. it's not that i loike him but dia ni macam pendengar masalah yang baik. he never judge and he keeps providing support and it is splendid. besides, i miss him quite a lot, hakhak. ala sama lah aku rindu kat alan afro dengan boyak.
*damn hard gila having two human w the same name. that's it, alan zulkifli and alan afro

i tweet crap things in twitter, so do the twitterism. the crap tweets will appeared on my followers' timeline board. some of them will get annoyed what i had tweet and some just ignore. but i am pretty sure i tweet craps which won't meluatkan orang sangat. well, i followed this one boy. his tweet, damn so gila babi nyah -.- he is like a sissy. when i click my timeline, all i can see is his hundred sissy tweets macam gila tak pernah off twitter, he is like 24/7 with twitter. i want to stop following him but nanti dia kata apa pulak because he knows me well. mak ai, macam sissy doh :O seriously gua yang getting thru this thing rasa nak muntah cirit birit. semak betul dia dalam timeline aku :'( *sometimes rasa perlu ke blog hal ni? nanti dia mencarut pulak. chillex, he is sissy. sekali lempang he will die hihi

don't ever, please