i just got back from stadium manjung. schl was having football match antara rumah sukan. nina and i went there just wanna give some support to them. support? nah i didn't stop perli diorang busuk and stinky. they really were, omg! all were doin their best to get goal. tadi akmal said sorry sebab he can't jaringkan gol. i was like watafish you sorry me? why you so nice? mcm angel haha :O the match ended at 6.30, so went to nina's home at 1.30. now i am at nina's home, homework and study. but she fell asleep :D muaz's cell phne is with me. i am dying here waiting for him. semalam i wore vaseline on my arm and neck. i am allergic with the lotion. habis gatal gatal. neck pun dah bengkak. uuu T_T

esok sekolah :'|