• play guitar when i am bored and when i want to sing
  • hearing the rain beat the roof because it is just calm
  • listen to some musics that relate to me and sing along
  • share some stories and laugh out loud with friends
  • go to book store to the novel section and read the synopsis
  • stare at him without he noticed n when he saw me, he smiles
  • clip my hair with cute clippers and wear t-shirt with shorts
  • eat burgers and drink cadbury hot chocolates

i went to kedai guitar with erul nak beli tuner. suddenly there was a man asking some money for sedekah. i wanted to pull out rm 2. tiba tiba all of my money lebih kurang four red notes and rm50 satu note spilled out from my pocket. i didn't bring along my purse so you could imagine how was the situation. but the man was really annoying. he was like begging and forcing us to give him some money. erul and me gelak tak henti pasal duit bertabur jatuh haha. it was so damn funny.