this is how we choose a cake

to papa: happy birthday papa! don't worry, you won't getting old bcs you have awet muda. hehe. you are the greatest man in the family, greatest uncle for my friends and greatest boss maybank ever had. you are just an awesome man just like your first daughter haha jokaaainngg. i hope you always in the pink. we love you passionately!
facebook: mohd zainal abiddin

so today is papa's birthday. mama, me, siblings and some maybank staffs made a surprise to papa at 12 am. we switched off lights and mama pretended there was something knocking in the kitchen, asked papa to check and he saw the cake with his picture on it from secret recipeeeee. surprise! :D we laughed and sang birthday song together. i ran upstairs to continue oovoo with boyak while parents borak with the staffs. chot on and oovoo with him too. lastly boyak tertidur in front of his laptop and we heard boyak berdengkur gila 'baben' haha. oh before that i saw someone's peghot, kan chot? hahahaha. because of oovoo i slept at 2 am and woke up at 6.40 am, i was late. so schl today ada teknik menjawab kertas bm. it wasn't great as i thought. aku tak berapa nak catch up bcs i was too sleepy.